NetJets Vice Chairman: Nothing Surprises Me Anymore When It Comes to Accusations that David Sokol Was Involved in Insider Trading

NetJets Vice Chairman Kenny Dichter spoke with FBN’s Liz Claman about former President and CEO of NetJets, David Sokol and the insider trading scandal currently under investigation. When asked if he was surprised that Sokol was involved in insider trading, Dichter said “nothing surprises me anymore. I think it’s business and things happen and we move on.” He went on to say he is confident in NetJets’ “great young leadership” and the promise they hold for the future of the company. Excerpts from the interview can be found below, courtesy of Fox Business Network.

On whether he is surprised that Sokol was involved in insider trading:
“Nothing surprises me anymore. I think it’s business and things happen and we move on.”

On NetJets since the departure of David Sokol:
“NetJets hasn’t missed a beat. Dave’s plan was always 30-60 days from now to step out of the NetJet business. We have a great young leadership team led by new CEO Jordan Hansell. We are rockin and rollin. I think we have an A-team.”

On Warren Buffett’s involvement with NetJets:
“Warren loves the business. He has always had a great passion for the NetJet business. He does events with our owners, he loves the platform. He recently told me he has spent 5,000 hours in the last 10 years up in NetJet planes. That’s over eight months of his life.”

On the most important aspects of the NetJets business:
“It’s about new jets. It’s about the safety and service that NetJets has that sets us apart from everybody else. Biggest differentiator; our pilot force. We have some of the greatest pilots in the world. And the unmatched resources of Berkshire to maintain these things.”

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