Wall Street Paying $35,800 to Dine With Candidate in Chief

Regardless of the fact that a number of well known hedge fund managers are walking away from him, President Obama is not giving up on Wall Street fundraising.

This evening he is in New York for a handful of fund raisers that begin at the home of former New Jersey Governor and also former CEO of Goldman Sachs (GS) Jon Corzine. About 60 people are likely to attend, including many distinguished Wall Street figures. Each has ponied up $35,800 for the privilege.

A second dinner at the Waldorf Astoria is a bit less exclusive—about 340 people are expected. Attendees at both events, according to the WSJ, were asked for the maximum contribution—$35,800. The first $5K goes to the Obama campaign, with the rest to the Democratic campaign coffers.

In fiscal 2008, Mr. Obama raised a record $750 million, significantly outspending his Republican challenger, Sen. John McCain. Some have speculated that this year’s total could top $1 billion, the Journal said.

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