Illinois Attorney General Requests Meeting with Apple and Google

The attorney general of Illinois Lisa Madigan is requesting a meeting with Apple (AAPL) and Google  (GOOG) executives, in the wake of reports that the companies’ cellular devices gather information regarding users’ locations, according to a Bloomberg report.

Madigan wrote to each companiy requesting what information they retain and collect, its purposes and for how long, according to a statement issued by her office.

“I want to know whether consumers have been informed of what is being tracked and stored by Apple and Google and whether those tracking and storage features can be disabled…It’s important that these companies ensure that their users’ private information is protected,” Madigan said in the statement.

Apple, operating out of Cupertino, California, is the creator of iPhone mobile telephones and iPad computer tablets, both versions were mentioned in the attorney general’s statement, as was the Android software designed by search giant Google for use in mobile phones.

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  1. If those informations could be used to benefit society as a whole, Google can collect info. I trust Google. Its founders have high morals, unlike, for instance the founder of Facebook or countless others.

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