Apple’s Jobs At iPad 2 Event

Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs, at event, introduces iPad 2. The device has a new design than previous model, with front and back-facing cameras, is 1/3 thinner, lighter: 1.3 lbs from 1.5 lbs and has a new A5 chip with a CPU that is twice as fast.

Jobs says Apple’s iPad 2 will come in both black and white and will ship on March 11th in the United States. On March 26 it’ll ship to 26 more countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, and France.

The price of the iPad 2 [via LATimes] “will be the same as all models, Jobs says: $499 for the entry-level Wi-Fi-only iPad 2, and $829 for the 64-gigabyte iPad 2 with a 3G cellular connection (plus a monthly fee).”

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