Germany and France want Portugal to Accept Aid ASAP

Germany and France want Portugal to accept an international bailout as soon as possible in order to prevent its debt crisis spreading to other countries, German magazine Der Spiegel reported on Saturday. – Reuters

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1 Comment on Germany and France want Portugal to Accept Aid ASAP

  1. I have a real difficulty to understand this strategy of Germany and France:

    If the case IRELAND is repeated with Portugal, i.e. Portugal yields to the pressure and ask for EU/IMF help, this would send the message to the bond investors that at the first signal of problems with Spain the same will happen there, and until this happens, trtain thr investment or drive the interests of Spanish bond up, as it is happening with the Portuguise, to a limit Spain could not afford. But the EU seems not to be capable or willing to perform so in this much larger country, so what would happen??

    Addtionally, I read in one of the articles posted on Internet that the EU does not know which are the need of the Portuguese banks and consequently, how much Portugal need!!

    The Eurozone and the EU itself seems to be in a complete disarray!!

    Is all this not scandalous??

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