Greece May Get 5-year Extension to Repay Bailout: IMF

The EU and the IMF could extend the period in which Greece must repay its bailout loans by five years, to make it easier for it to service its debt, a Greek newspaper said on Saturday, citing an IMF official. “We have the possibility to extend the repayment period … from about six years to around 11,” the newspaper Realnews quoted Poul Thomsen, the IMF official in charge of the Greek bailout, as saying in an interview. – Reuters

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  1. The Bailout of Ireland and its banks remind me of the Zurich Financial Services bailout by the US Government. ZFS destroyed the Worlds Banks and financial institutions with Fraud,in 2008. Now a second wave of collapses have hit the headlines with Irelands Bailout totaling €85 Billion. The connections are very strong with Zurich owned entities, its Banks and Ireland. The stink of Fraud lingers where ever Zurich Financial Services subsidiaries exist.

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