Gasparino: Subpoena Served to Citadel Is ‘Broad and Going to Diverse Players’

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino reports that the subpoena served to Citadel Investment Group LLC is “not necessarily specifically directed to healthcare stocks.”

Here are the key highlights from the report, courtesy of FOX Business Network:

On the subpoena that was served to Citadel by the Justice Department:
“It’s not necessarily specifically directed to healthcare stocks. A lot of people say this is an investigation that is focused specially on Steven Cohen in a major way. I wonder if that’s true. From what I understand these subpoenas are broad and going out to diverse players.”

About the subpoena that was served to Citadel:
“At Citadel today, they are telling FBN its business as usual. They have not even addressed it with employees yet. We will see how that changes as the investigation progresses.”

On SAC hedge fund manager Steven Cohen:
“Cohen may be the most successful hedge fund manager in existence. There has always been chatter about him using insider information, employing techniques that are outside of the law. None of this has ever been proven.”

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