The Banking Crisis Might not End Before 2013, S&P

Well, so much for a banking system that has stabilized and the risk of systemic failure averted. The credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s said Wednesday that the nation’s banking crisis has “merely entered a new phaseand might not end before 2013.

From Reuters: While efforts to spur lending, take bad assets off banks’ balance sheets, and restart the market for packaging and selling securities may help the sector, S&P said banks will have a tough time surviving absent a bigger capital cushion than regulators require.

“There’s nothing to say that this banking crisis can’t go on for another three or four years,” S&P Managing Director Tanya Azarchs said.

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Unless the banks and other financial institutions have more losses on their books deriving from exposures to toxic assets and other securitized lending that they haven’t yet confessed, I’d say S&P’s assumption on the banking situation now faces a major test.

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