YouTube to Lose Nearly Half a Billion Dollars in 2009

Google’s (GOOG) YouTube — the Internet’s most popular video site — could be on track to lose approximately $470 million in 2009, according to a report Friday by Credit Suisse analyst Spencer Wang.

Wang says YouTube is on track to generate $240 million in revenue in FY2009, up about 20% Y/Y basis, but that increase will be offset by a staggering $711 million in costs, putting Youtube, which Google bought in November FY2006 for $1.76 billion, most of that in stock, squarely in the red.

More than half of the $711 million in costs comes from bandwidth tab with a run rate of $1 million per day, which Wang puts at $360 million.

Credit Suisse projected YouTube will serve 75 billion video streams in 2009, up 38% compared with last year. [via Multichannel]

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