Some Twitter Thoughts

Now that twitter seems to be a media darling and an acquisition target, I thought I would share some of my observations.

1. Tweets are the blog posts you thought about writing, but didn’t feel they had enough substance.

2. Twitterers are older. Myspace started around music and students. Facebook started around college students. Twitter was started by old people. Relatively speaking :). It could be the first new social media platform to start old and get younger, but there really is no assurance of that. I don’t know that twittering will get big for the 18 and younger set.

3. The challenge of Twitter will be its anonymity. It’s the same problem myspace has. @collegehottie can be a 60 year old pedophile who pushes a Tweetup and creates a problem.

4. The plus for twitter is that can reduce text messaging minutes. Particularly for broadcasting to a group of friends.

5. Twitter will need to create a groups or list function with a private option and soon. Otherwise Facebook can create a twitter like “skin” for its users to do the quick updates that twitter options. FB seems to be trying to find their way there now, recognizing the threat of Twitter. FB updates seem to be in decline as users utilize twitter for this function.

6. While there is a growing market for 3rd party twitter apps, twitter cant depend on them to expand the platform.

7. The beauty of twitter is its simplicity. It works perfectly and quickly on a phone. Translated, its the ultimate time waster for the 30 plus generation. You are never bored when you have a phone and twitter, no matter where you are. Thats the key to its success.

What are your thoughts on the future of twitter and its uses. Im curious.

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1 Comment on Some Twitter Thoughts

  1. I started using Twitter about 2 months ago and really enjoy it. Micro-blogging is much easier and quicker than sitting down and writing a whole post or article. For someone like me, I can jot down a quick note, thought, or idea I want to share. I can really see why the site has taken off. I collect old movie posters and memorabilia, and through Twitter I can let friends and colleagues know about a recent find, Ebay listing, or a movie poster auction in just a few strokes. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into an ad filled, subscription based, nightmare if they sell the company…

    Ralph DeLuca
    Madison NJ

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