Jim Cramer Calls the End of the Depression

Jim Cramer has called the end of the depression.

I think it ended in the first week of March. I think that’s what Doug Kass saw when he went bullish. I think I saw it when I realized that even if every financial went under and most companies cancelled their dividends, we only had 1,000 points to drop, and you had to start buying. There just wasn’t enough downside left.

These are not disputed calls.

Now the end of the depression has to be priced in. Does it mean the Dow goes to 8000? 9000? 10,000? We are obviously still in a recession, so it is not clear yet.

I think you look at it like this: With the depression over, you simply can’t hate the market as much as you once did. You must buy things. It is tough to buy up here.

But not as tough as it was down there.

[via TheStreet.com]

Awesome call Jim and awesome advise throughout the entire crisis. Now, excluding the fact you have so far called depression on and off several times, and all the shi.. stock picks you have made day in and day out on air, what happened to Dow 4K call a while back? But then again you have also said the depression was “off the table.” Gotta love it.. best and brightest indeed.

Newbs, as Jimbo’s record suggests, listen to this clown and then take the other side of the trade – you are guaranteed to make money.

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