Fmr. Oil Worker Says Gulf Shore Cleanup Is Just For Show

There has been considerable controversy over BP’s (BP) continuing reluctance to lead recovery efforts and prevent environmental damage in a transparent manner.

Candi Warren, a former oil clean-up worker, tells the press she quit ‘in disgust’ after realizing the clean-up was just for show. Warren says she realized she was being paid only to keep the beaches clean for tourists.

WKRG: “Warren says she knew that when crews worked during the day, the tide and surf buried oil overnight. But they were forbidden to dig it up. She quit in disgust three weeks ago despite the $18 per hour pay.

She said she was told to only clean the surface of the sand, that this is all cosmetic. She was on a crew at Gulf State Park where tourists go. She says it has priority so as to make it look like the beaches are clean.

Warren says she believes money is being wasted on the crews and says “At some point the real clean-up will have to begin, but I’m afraid the money will be gone.”

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h/t Businessinsider

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