Ron Paul Telling CNBC What They Don’t Want to Hear

This is some of the best Ron Paul I’ve seen. The usually bright eyed and cheery CNBS hosts act dour and try to trip Paul up only to be bested by someone who actually understands economic reality and lives a moral life. Now, if we can only get him to understand how the same central bankers manipulate gold backed money, then we’ll have something… Still, good interview.

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3 Comments on Ron Paul Telling CNBC What They Don’t Want to Hear

  1. Co-rec-ta-mundo… at this time the “powers that be” have found a way to corrupt even the metals market. It IS manipulated by say, JP Morgan Chase and the actual gold/silver that is being traded is at a 100 to 1 of actually existing. Ron Paul I’m sure KNOWS this but is being responsible enough not to make a big deal out it, because if it became public too soon it would tank the currencies on both sides of the Atlantic.

  2. I don’t think she tried to trip him up or acted dour. She understood what he was saying when he corrected her about the earmark issue–most people do NOT understand this issue. Awesome “look” she gives him at 4:10 though!! Lol!! Good questions and gave him time for a clear answer.

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