BP Plc Has ‘Some’ Success in Containing Oil Leak

Energy British giant BP (BP) announced Sunday afternoon that it has succeeded in capturing “some amounts of oil and gas” by inserting a mile-long tube into the main Gulf of Mexico leak.

The tube, which is designed to funnel oil to a ship on the water’s surface, was fully inspected and re-inserted, BP said. The co. didn’t say however, what percentage of the gusher was being contained.

AFP: “The oil was stored on board the Discoverer Enterprise drill ship 5,000 feet above on the water’s surface, and natural gas was burned through a flare system on board the ship,” BP and government authorities said today in a statement from the oil spill’s Joint Information Center.

They added that “while not collecting all of the leaking oil, this tool is an important step in reducing the amount of oil being released into Gulf waters”.

With sheen from the slick now washing ashore in three southern U.S. Gulf states, BP is under massive pressure from the U.S. government which on Saturday asked the company for specific clarifications on its commitment to pay for all damages relating to the oil spill.

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  1. So tell me what what happens wheN 3-5 level hurricane comes bearing down on a tanker sipping up oil in the Gulf?

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