Will You Support Net Neutrality for Your House or Apartment Network?

Net Neutrality. At it’s most basic, its the principle that all internet content sources and applications have equal access to the internet, and to all internet subscribers, including you. And that no internet provider can price access to the internet to give one source or application over another. The internet has been a free for all, and as far as the Net Neutrality supporters are concerned (and I’m not arguing one way or the other here), that is the way it should always be.

But what about in your house or apartment? Do you want all applications running on your XBox/PS3/WII gaming devices to be treated equally with the applications running on your Roku/Tivo Premiere/Media Server to be treated equally with the applications running on your PC/Laptop to be treated equally with your new HDTV that has wireless internet access? Or would you want to give priority to one application over another? Do want the content you just paid for to be interrupted by the email being downloaded with the huge attachment some idiot just sent you?

Do want the streams from Netflix (NFLX) coming to the TV in your bedroom through your PS3 to be treated equally with the bandwidth needed for your 7 year old little sister/ daughter playing on Barbie.com to be treated equally with the streams of Mom/Dad/Husband/Wife/Significant Other watching Totally Rad on Revision 3?

If you don’t, how are you going to fix this problem?

If you think fighting over the remote control, or which show gets DVRd at 8pm on Sundays is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I got news for everyone, the bandwidth in your home is more limited and more variable and harder to manage than the bandwidth coming into your house from the internet.

How many of you are up to speed on network management for the wireless router you have in your house? What about those of you with more than one router and no idea how they connect? How many of you want to know what network management is?

Are we going to see an Iphone/Ipad app for managing network resources or will families just post who gets access to bandwidth on a note on the fridge?

6pm Joanie gets to play Barbie.com while johnny downloads and uploads your homework (yes Johnny, it means you have to be done by 7pm sharp young man !)

7pm Mom gets to look up her real estate listings and download and upload whatever pictures she needs. She also has those videos she took on the Flip she got for Xmas that she wants to upload to Filesanywhere.com and to Picassa. EVERYONE PROMISES not to be on the network from 7pm to8pm. These are movies and pictures from the pageant that are going to end up in those stupid books she gives all of us on our birthdays. You know how annoyed and flustered mom gets if something times out. Johnny, I’m talking to you. I’m not going to show her how to restart those stupid uploads any more.. Unless she pays me 5 bucks like last time, right mom :)

8pm Game Time. Kids get to play whatever games, or watch whatever they want to watch ON THEIR OWN BOXES. Joanie, that means no XBox. You wanted a WII and we got you one. You can use the family PC to watch videos on Youtube if you want, but ONLY on the playlist that dad and I put together for you. Clear ???

9pm Dad gets to watch those old movies from Netflix. When he is done, he is going to do the backup

11pm Backup all the PCs time. Remember, if you want everything backed up, you have to stay off the network. You know how dad gets if all his new stuff doesn’t get backed up every night.

You can watch regular tv on the tv in the living room or your own room anytime you want.

Any requests for changes to the schedule have to be in before Johnny leaves for school in the morning.

You get the idea.

Like they said in Seinfeld, you will have to be ”The master of your own domain “. Being a network manager is not an easy job. Just ask your cable or telco internet provider. Yet that is the exact job you are looking to undertake .

Anyone out there think provisioning bandwidth at home is easy ???

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