Fox Business Scoop/Obama Address

In case you missed it, last week, FOX Business’ Charlie Gasparino had the scoop that Senate Minority leader McConnell and John Cornyn recently met with Wall Street execs for a (heated) private meeting re: the financial reform bill being sponsored by Senator Chris Dodd and their complaints.

What’s interesting is that in President Obama’s Weekly Address this past Saturday, he referenced Gasparino’s exclusive. So it is no huge leap in logic to think that Gasparino is making an impact from K Street to Wall Street in the short time he has been at FOX Business turning out the Wall Street/DC-related scoops.

Gasparino’s report: Street Execs Give Pols Earful on Financial Reform

Obama’s weekly address: Weekly Address: Holding Wall Street Accountable

Charlie Tweeted about this too:

With all the Goldman (GS) vs SEC news this week and Obama’s speech today, we thought it might be of interest to include this item on the blog.

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