Economic Stimulus Taxpayer Calculator is debuting a new online feature called the “Taxpayer Calculator” which allows a reader to calculate how much of their taxes go to different federal programs. Whether you are a political junkie or simply care about the state of the economy, the calculator allows instant, continuously updated access to the current state of the above-mentioned programs. (FOXNews is projecting the share of a program’s cost for one individual in each specified adjusted gross income category.)

It is the first calculator of this kind that breaks down each program individually as far as the taxes one pays annually. Also, there is a feature after each calculator that allows a participant to “vote” for a particular program after knowing how much of their taxes are funding it. This feature may be of interest to you as a reader as it is extremely timely! Plus, it is a unique way of looking at the taxes we pay yearly in regards to recent legislation.

Here are two examples (there are a few more up live, and more to be added throughout the week):

1) Economic Stimulus : Your share (click on graph)

2) TARP: Your Tax Burden (Click link)

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