U.S. 8th in the EIU’s Sovereign Ratings List

Sovereign ratings are being closely watched as more governments with greater default risk borrow in international bond markets. A report by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) evaluates the risk of sovereign default globally. Of the world’s safest sovereign debt, the United States ranks 8th with a “AA” rating following Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. Norway is #1 with “AAA” rating.

EIU defines “AAA-rating” as the “capacity and commitment to honour obligations not in question under any foreseeable circumstances”. “AA” is the “capacity and commitment to honour obligations not in question”.

Sovereign Ratings List:

Country Code Rating Outlook
Algeria AL BB Stable
Angola AN B Stable
Argentina AR CCC Stable
Australia AU BBB Stable
Austria AI A Stable
Azerbaijan AZ BB Stable
Bahrain BA BBB Stable
Bangladesh BD BB Stable
Belgium BI BBB Stable
Bolivia BL B Positive
Bosnia and Hercegovina BH CCC Stable
Botswana BO BBB Stable
Brazil BR BB Stable
Bulgaria BG BB Stable
Cambodia KH CCC Stable
Cameroon CM B Stable
Canada CD AA Stable
Chile CH A Stable
China CN BBB Stable
Colombia CB BB Stable
Costa Rica CR BB Stable
Côte dIvoire CI CCC Stable
Croatia CT B Stable
Cuba CU CCC Stable
Cyprus CY A Stable
Czech Republic CZ BBB Stable
Denmark DN AA Stable
Dominican Republic DR CCC Positive
Ecuador EC CCC Stable
Egypt EG BB Stable
El Salvador ES BB Stable
Equatorial Guinea GQ BB Stable
Estonia ET BB Stable
Ethiopia EH CCC Stable
Finland FN AA Stable
France FR A Stable
Gabon GA BB Stable
Germany DE AA Stable
Ghana GH CCC Positive
Greece GR BB Stable
Guatemala GU BB Stable
Honduras HD CCC Stable
Hong Kong HK A Stable
Hungary HG B Stable
India IN BB Stable
Indonesia ID B Positive
Iran IR B Stable
Iraq IQ CC Stable
Ireland EI BBB Stable
Israel IS BBB Stable
Italy IT BBB Stable
Jamaica JM CC Stable
Japan JP BBB Stable
Jordan JD B Stable
Kazakhstan KZ BB Stable
Kenya KN CCC Stable
Kuwait KU A Stable
Latvia LV B Stable
Lebanon LB CCC Stable
Libya LA BB Stable
Lithuania LT BB Stable
Macedonia MN CCC Positive
Malawi MW CCC Stable
Malaysia MA BBB Stable
Mauritius MR B Stable
Mexico MX BB Stable
Moldova MV CCC Negative
Morocco MC BB Stable
Mozambique MZ BB Stable
Myanmar MY C Stable
Namibia NB BBB Stable
Netherlands NL AA Stable
New Zealand NZ BBB Stable
Nicaragua NC CC Stable
Nigeria NG B Stable
Norway NW AAA Stable
Oman OM A Stable
Pakistan PK CCC Stable
Panama PN BB Stable
Papua New Guinea PP BB Stable
Paraguay PG B Stable
Peru PE BBB Stable
Philippines PH B Stable
Poland PL BB Stable
Portugal PT BBB Stable
Qatar QA A Stable
Romania RM BB Stable
Russia RU BBB Stable
Saudi Arabia SD BBB Stable
Senegal SE B Stable
Serbia SB CCC Stable
Singapore SG A Stable
Slovakia SL BBB Stable
Slovenia SV A Stable
South Africa SA BBB Stable
South Korea KS BBB Stable
Spain SP BBB Stable
Sri Lanka SR B Stable
Sudan SU C Stable
Sweden SW AA Stable
Switzerland SI AA Stable
Syria SY CCC Stable
Taiwan TW BBB Stable
Tanzania TZ B Stable
Thailand TH BB Stable
Trinidad and Tobago TT BBB Stable
Tunisia TN BB Stable
Turkey TK B Stable
Uganda UG BB Stable
Ukraine UI CCC Negative
United Arab Emirates UA BB Stable
United Kingdom UK BBB Stable
United States of America US AA Stable
Uruguay UR BB Stable
Uzbekistan UZ B Stable
Venezuela VZ B Stable
Vietnam VN CCC Stable
Yemen YA CC Stable
Zambia ZB BB Stable
Zimbabwe ZI C Stable


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