Nicholas Sarkozy Says the EU Must Be Ready to Help Greece

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Paris is ready to support Greece following the country’s efforts to tackle its deficit crisis and has no intention of seeing its economy collapse, arguing that Greece is “under attack” from so-called speculators.

Bloomberg: “We have measures, we are ready, we are determined,” Sarkozy said in Paris  after a meeting with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on Saturday. (Mr. Papndreou is on a tour of capitals seeking backing for his debt-riddled nation). “Market speculators should know that solidarity means something,” he added.

Earlier in the week Mr. Sarkozy stressed the importance of the European region supporting Greece should it struggle to fund its budget deficit.

Greece, facing German and until recently French reluctance to help bail it out, is already receiving advice from the IMF, but has not appealed for bailout debt relief.

According to the French President [Reuters] “The euro has no sense if there is no solidarity [among the EU nations]”.

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