Tony Blair Secures Lucrative Role with Hedge Fund Lansdowne Partners

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is set to earn a small fortune in a new role as a paid speaker at a London leading hedge fund firm, Sky’s City editor Mark Kleinman reported on Monday.

According to Kleinman, Mr Blair, who is currently one of the most well-paid public speakers in the world, raking in 6-figures for a 90 minute speech, is to be paid to speak on geopolitic issues for Lansdowne Partners, and would appear at four events over the year. The arrangement could evolve to a more formal advisory role for the former Prime Minister if things go smoothly.

Kleinman points out that the deal between Lansdowne Partners and Mr Blair’s speaking agent is intriguing, “given that Obama has just put hedge funds firmly in the crosshairs of his proposed reforms of the U.S. financial system”.

Kleinman also notes two interesting details about the arrangement : that Paul Ruddock, a co-founder of Lansdowne and one of the City’s wealthiest men, is a major donor to the Conservative Party. And that Lansdowne is almost 20% owned by Morgan Stanley (MS).

Since standing down as Prime Minister, Tony Blair has taken well-paid roles advising JP Morgan (JPM), Zurich Financial Services and in recent months has reportedly been in talks with LVMH, the luxury goods group. He has also set up his private consultancy firm – Tony Blair Associates – which sells expertise on political and economic matters.

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