Bernie Madoff Treated for Serious Injuries After Assault

Disgraced financier Bernard Madoff was admitted to Duke University Hospital late last week and treated for serious injuries consistent with an assault, a North Carolina television station reported on Thursday.

According to the station, Madoff had facial fractures, broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Officials at the Butner federal prison, where Madoff is serving a 150-year sentence for cheating investors out of tens of billions of dollars, would not confirm the report.

On Wednesday, the prisons bureau said Madoff had been moved to the prison’s medical facility for undisclosed reasons.

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15 Comments on Bernie Madoff Treated for Serious Injuries After Assault

  1. An crooked old banker named Madoff
    Was on the top jailhouse bunk when he sat off
    That he fell to the ground
    Is a fact quite profound
    Since what happened no one’s willing to rat off.

    It seems Bernie had a nasty bite on his tongue
    And he even had a bruised collapsed lung
    There was blood on his face
    But the strange part of the case
    Was his bright red sore coffee can sized bung!

    Soon we’ll hear all about Bernies dying
    With a fake autopsy there’ll be no denying
    Like the case of Irv Ruben and Ken Lay
    His body will be cremated in a day,
    but he’ll really be off to a desert isle flying!

  2. Guess I’m just more cynical than others, I figure this is just another ploy for Beernee to spend some quality time with his family, simply have the press or current institution create some bogus story about being beaten up or found to be dizzy and simply bypass the hospital and go to one of his hidden multi-million dollar retreats, he has urined it. Poor guy, don’t you feel bad for him?

    We all get to choose our path in life, sometime its forced down out throats, though we all are given the finite choice of death, Bernie is just a selfish bastard he would rather many suffer and die than he need to make that choice.

    Bernie, you have made the life of us honest Jews that much harder, I will never forgive you or what you have done.

    MrEthiopian AKA _ Ed Smith

  3. Who gives two shitz. They are either doing a switch, and the real Madoff walks or they will do a “Ken Lay” death, and he walks. This jewish fuch is rich and has plenty of scumbags to bail him out, including our government. They are all interconnected. Its may sound convoluted to us, but they are all on the same team. And that team ain’t playing for us.

  4. wonder if they’ll do another Ken Lay closed casket burial (hahahahahahahahaahaha)

    you know Kenny boy and George Bush are probably sipping mint juleps down there in the texas scumbag compound the taxpayers are paying to protect.

  5. Bernie my boy,

    Don’t worry… if we can’t get you out soon, Obama has promised you a pardon. It’s all the in bag.

    PS. The money is safe in your Tel Aviv account.

  6. Notice that the all important questions of ; 1) Where is the money?? It’s GOT to be somewhere and 2) how did it get there? He DID NOT do this all by himself. Have never been answered. Balloon boy is MUCH more important. You or I fail to report $12.47 in pass book interest and the IRS is all over us. This guy looses $60B and nobody seems to care… Some hyperbole on TV but no REAL answers or even commitments for them. They are just setting him up for a “ah Hem! “Fatal” attack. They will “rush” him to a safe undisclosed location where he will “suffer a heart attack”. Since he’s Jewish He’ll be buried in a plain unmarked box before sundown the next day. To reflect the families needs for privacy and to insure that his grave won’t be vandalized he will be Ah Hem!! “Buried” quietly in Israel. Since the evil Bernie is “dead” now so we can all go back to important news like Octo-Mom and who’s gay in Hollywood..

  7. The jooz will never allow this guy to spend time. This is a Kenny Boy ruse. “Reports Indicate that Mr. Madoff has died from his injuries sustained in a beating while in prison. His remains are to be immediately cremated in a super secret ceremony.”

  8. Hahaha! Does Bernie like pina coladas?!

    “Yes I like pina coladas
    And getting caught in the rain
    I’m not much into health food
    I am into champagne
    I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon
    And cut through all this red tape
    At a bar called O’Malleys
    Where we’ll plan our escape”


  9. This punk and his entire family should be getting as much “enhanced interrogation” (like in Gitmo or Bahrain)as it takes to give up the location of the goods. Then: in true Zio-Nazi style; any promises made should be broken and the entire clan EXTERMINATED! It is time to remove all joos from positions in government, finance, and the media. Anyone who claims dual citizenship with Fascist Israhell should be exterminated as well. These pigs and monkeys are ANTI-AMERICAN. We need another McCarthey with a fully armed team of executioners this time. We learned that Communism was no threat. We do know now that this gang of “the chosen” are cannibals, terrorists and vampires who hide behind that 6 pointed star of SATAN.

  10. I love to see all these people get riled up. The truth be told the only people this guy ripped off were a bunch of rich suckers. If rich people get ripped off than the con artist is the most hated man alive. If regular joes get ripped off than all we get is a bunch of smoke and mirrors and the crooks get away with it. Heck every day big name companies swindle the hell out of the regular joe and their is nothing we can do about it. I think Madoff is nothing but a “bad guy” setup to take the fall so all the people who lost their money in the latest world wide swindle which Madoff was perhaps .0001% of. I am sure his plight is real. He is just a necessary sacrifice. The public needed someone to blame so they through the guy to the lions who had the least connections. From what I have read most of the money that could be traced went to the investors who were smart enough to pull out their earnings long before the game of musical chairs was up. I am sure he’s got a few million stashed around somewhere but the bulk was just paid out to make himself look like a big shot investment guru when he wasn’t.

  11. Josh, your circumspection is justified. Madoff’s quick and easy admission of guilt doesn’t make sense … unless.

    […] “So why plead guilty? The answer is simple … because this case is being labelled a fraud, it would appear that investors are going to be able to claim their investment back under the US government’s financial fraud protection scheme. A judge has already given his approval in principle for compensation, without any evidence having been presented and financial fraud being demonstrated in a court of law. […] And look further on the net and you will see that these “victims” have also been told by the US tax authorities that they will probably also be entitled to claim back some taxes on these defrauded sums”. […] source:

    Article worth reading in full. To be precise, it’s US taxpayers who are being defrauded, by being held legally liable for schemes that could *never* have gone undetected by both the SEC and Madoff’s own clients.

    Therein lies the scandal.

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