List of the Top-performing Commodities of the Decade

The commodities market continues to perform well.

In the last ten years, according to the following table, courtesy of The Oil Trader’s blog, sugar has been the best performing commodity of the decade, posting a gain of 316%. The second best performing commodity of the decade has been cocoa, with a gain of 288% and Gold was third with a 278% appreciation. The worst performer in the commodity complex was palladium losing 18.66%.

While commodities have recovered some of their losses from 2008 — The Bache Commodity Index (BCI) posted a 31.4% decline in the final six months of last year, its worst period on record– current prices offer some very interesting trading opportunities across all index sectors, especially as central banks announce their intention to stick with low interest rates, which could lead to the stockpiling of certain commodities.

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