The NYT Has Been Predicting Polar Ice Melt for 128 Years

Funny – the New York Times has been reporting on the Polar ice melt for over 100 years, and usually blaming it on man. The dumbest is the 1959 story of the ice disappearing – which was followed by 20 years of Global Cooling. From the Daily Telegraph (Australia), Eternal Melting:

From the New York Times, 128 years of looming polar doom:

  • 1881: “This past Winter, both inside and outside the Arctic circle, appears to have been unusually mild. The ice is very light and rapidly melting …”
  • 1932: “NEXT GREAT DELUGE FORECAST BY SCIENCE; Melting Polar Ice Caps to Raise the Level of Seas and Flood the Continents”
  • 1934: “New Evidence Supports Geology’s View That the Arctic Is Growing Warmer”
  • 1937: “Continued warm weather at the Pole, melting snow and ice.”
  • 1954: “The particular point of inquiry concerns whether the ice is melting at such a rate as to imperil low-lying coastal areas through raising the level of the sea in the near future.”
  • 1957: “U.S. Arctic Station Melting”
  • 1958: “At present, the Arctic ice pack is melting away fast. Some estimates say that it is 40 per cent thinner and 12 per cent smaller than it was fifteen years [ago].”
  • 1959: “Will the Arctic Ocean soon be free of ice?”
  • 1971: “STUDY SAYS MAN ALTERS CLIMATE; U.N. Report Links Melting of Polar Ice to His Activities”
  • 1979: “A puzzling haze over the Arctic ice packs has been identified as a byproduct of air pollution, a finding that may support predictions of a disastrous melting of the earth’s ice caps.”
  • 1982: “Because of global heating attributed to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from fuel burning, about 20,000 cubic miles of polar ice has melted in the past 40 years, apparently contributing to a rise in sea levels …”
  • 1999: “Evidence continues to accumulate that the frozen world of the Arctic and sub-Arctic is thawing.”
  • 2000: “The North Pole is melting. The thick ice that has for ages covered the Arctic Ocean at the pole has turned to water, recent visitors there reported yesterday.”
  • 2002: “The melting of Greenland glaciers and Arctic Ocean sea ice this past summer reached levels not seen in decades, scientists reported today.”
  • 2004: “There is an awful lot of Arctic and glacial ice melting.”
  • 2005: “Another melancholy gathering of climate scientists presented evidence this month that the Antarctic ice shelf is melting – a prospect difficult to imagine a decade ago.”

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2 Comments on The NYT Has Been Predicting Polar Ice Melt for 128 Years

  1. so what you are saying is that we’ve had a 128 year warning and STILL have done nothing…….well can’t say you didn’t know. btw. i live in south florida and the tides are way above normal

    • I’ve been living in the Florida keys for 25 years on the water and the level has not risen one bit in 25 years it’s all bullshit

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