Ratigan: Keep Paying Your Taxes Baby!!!

Dylan Ratigan talks in these must see videos about bankers and their “TARP repayment scam”, as he calls it. According to Ratigan, the whole notion that ‘TARP repayment’ means that the bailed-out banks are done using the govt’s money is not only untrue but an outright lie.

The real story behind the so-called support programs like The TALF, The TIP, The PPI and so on, says Ratigan, is that these banks are receiving roughly $7 trillion still after paying back all the TARP. Ratigan believes the gov’t is enabling an ongoing colossal theft being  perpetrated against the American people by bank executives. Meanwhile, the taxpayers, he says, remain on the hook for the trillions that the bankers are using, and yet they, the American people, apparently have no right to the billions the bankers will pay themselves this year…Keep paying your taxes baby!!!

In this clip Ratigan grills Rep. Ed Perlmutter about proposed new banking and derivatives rules, rightly pointing out the purposely left loopholes in the legislation under discussion. Those loopholes exist most probably because the legislation was written by bank execs and the central banks.

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