Jim Rogers Advises Investors to Shift Their Money from Dollar to Commodities

Singapore-settled billionaire Jim Rogers believes the US dollar is a flawed currency that has no future. The legendary investor who picked the bottom of the commodities bull market in 1999 is advising investors to get out of the greenback and put their money into commodities. Rogers, who believes the dollar is already losing its status as the world’s medium of exchange, said during a recent investors’ conference that “if you want your money to be secure, invest in commodities.”

ABC News AU: “The US dollar is now a terribly flawed currency”, Rogers told investors. “The US as recently as 1987 was a creditor nation. Now it’s the largest debtor nation in the history of the world and that’s going to continue to cause problems”.

Rogers also said that a long commodity bull run is on and people who invest their money into products that are supplied without qualitative differentiation across a markets are going to benefit.

commodityonline: “Commodities are in a boom market these days. The bull market in commodities has a long way to go. Some commodities are consolidating right now, in anticipation for the next move up. Some like crude oil are in all time high. You know in commodities market, some go up and some come down. But I tell you the boom market in commodities is a long way to go.”

“The commodity bull market could lat 10 to 20 years. But I tell you it is going to be exciting years ahead for commodities because of several reasons. Lots of lands are getting cultivated across the world. People are getting serious about the opportunities in the agricultural market. Something good is going to happen in the boom market. And the boom market will end some day. But that some day is a long way from now. If there is a world-wide economic breakdown, it will affect the markets. But even then commodities are going to be a better place to be in than stocks and bonds.”

“If the world economy gets better, commodities will be a very good place to be, if not the best place, because the shortages continue to get worse,” he observed.

“If the world economy does not get better, commodities are still going to be a great place to be because governments have printed so much money and are continuing to print so much money.”

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