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Some people wondered why I stayed with my Sidekick despite still not getting my contacts back and all the troubles the network had. The answer is easy. Their keyboard is so above any beyond any other phone, I can type a good 50 words per minute on it. Which in turn allows me to answer emails quickly and accurately. I don’t lose any productivity when I’m on my Sidekick compared to sitting in front of my desktop or full sized laptop. To me, that’s money in the bank.

That’s not to say I never stray and try new phones and alternatives. I do. I have tried any make and model of phone, with slideout keyboard, touchscreen, you name it. None match the sidekick.

Recently I bought a couple netbooks for my kids. The kids love them. I cant type of them to save my life. Trying to pop over to check and respond to some emails is a frustrating experience. Maybe I could learn to get used to them, but the keyboards are so small, it takes real concentration to try to touch type.

All of which got me thinking. I’m not the only person who has mastered their phone keyboard. Regardless of model. Plus, like most of us, I have an investment in “conforming” to the typing platform of my phone. Texting is so popular, we quickly become productive typists on our phones. So rather than creating an entirely new “typing platform” like most Netbooks do, why not create a line of Netbooks that merely are an extension of our phones? Do Netbooks need, or should they even have Keyboards? Why not a “monitor” that can travel and be tethered via bluetooth to any and all manner of phone?

I would love nothing better than to be able to take a nice monitor with some PC/Netbook like features that pairs with my SideKick. Less to carry. Less cost. Just as I can send the sound to an external device, why not allow me to connect from my phone to the monitor, using my phone as my keyboard and even have the option of using the storage on my phone as the hard drive?

Am I the only one who would prefer this approach?

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  1. I love my Sidekick3 too. I have owned my Sidekick3 for four years, since November 2005 because of the keyboard and other user friendly features. I have a prepaid account am 64 years of age and live in Delaware.

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