‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Is Back In The Public Eye – This Time As A Cryptocurrency Influencer


Jordan Belfort, the man who was the inspiration for the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” held his first cryptocurrency workshop last week. For the price of one Bitcoin (BTC), or approximately $40,000, attendees were able to sit in on a “mastermind” class held at Belfort’s Miami estate and taught by the man himself.

This expensive price tag did not seem to phase attendees however, as The New York Times reported that all nine spots were filled.

“Had a great time this weekend at my first ever Crypto Mastermind. Can’t wait to do this again soon- are you coming to the next one?” Belfort’s tweet read.

Belfort’s sordid past, which includes serving time in prison for fraud, has not stopped the controversial former stockbroker from becoming a success in the business world. And it seems that his move into the cryptocurrency space is just another example of his willingness to take risks.

Promoting the event on his website, Belfort described the weekend-long crypto workshop as “an intimate financial experience jam-packed with tailored advice, strategy, networking, industry experts and more.” Belfort claims he’s had “literally thousands of requests” to host a crypto/NFT masterclass.

The event was also marketed as an experience where attendees learn about the metaverse, crypto, and decentralized finance (DeFi). Belfort said he believes that crypto and DeFi “is the future of finance.”

The recent focus on crypto, however, is in stark contrast from Belfort’s previous critical stance on cryptocurrency. In 2018, his advice to BTC holders was : “Get out if you don’t want to lose all of your money.” Three years later, Belfort predicted BTC would rally to $100,000 a coin.

The nine guests who were selected from 600 applicants included a crypto miner from Kazakhstan, a Norwegian entrepreneur, and a blockchain podcaster with a roofing company in Idaho. According to The Times, around half of the attendees including Belfort himself, said they had been on the receiving end of a hacking attempt.

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