Lifespan: A Groundbreaking Book About Aging

Lifespan - David Sinclair

Just finished reading Dr. David Sinclair’s new book, “Lifespan”, and it goes without saying that this is an intellectually fascinating, inspiring and informative book that demonstrates we are at the dawn of a new era in human biology restructuring.

The book, which surpasses everything we know about aging and life extension, has been written with a rich literary material of impressive depth and clarity to offer a deeper understanding of genetics and human longevity research.

It covers the recent advances in the labs and the actual observations relevant to those discoveries. It also questions the foundations of our basic conception of aging viewed for centuries as inevitable and unstoppable.

In fact, the book includes the development of a proven method by an impressive team of researchers, including George Church, David Sinclair and Steve Horvath in which a technique of just three core reprogramming factors, Oct4, Sox2, and Klf4 is used to reset cell epigenome alterations that affect cells during the aging process, thus restoring youthful vision in mice. More tests are being performed to achieve the same results in other areas of the body as well.

The book also offers Dr. Sinclair’s bold vision for the future of humankind, a vision in which we feel and become younger and shift from observers of nature to architects.

Highly recommended book. A must read for anyone interested in the science of aging, and how we can slow or even reverse it.

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