New Futuristic Self-Driving EV Could Change Carpooling Forever

It wold not be an exaggeration to say that we’ve finally entered Tomorrowland.

Futuristic Car

Renault’s newest effort called EZ-GO is a level 4 autonomous electric city car concept that functions as both a car and an Uber-style ride-hailing service.

According to the automaker, the six passenger, four-wheel steering robo-vehicle concept whose sensors, cameras and LIDAR radar are placed in an antenna on the rear spoiler could be ordered through an app to pick you up from anywhere in the city, or by using an interface at one of many designated EZ-GO stations.

“The future of mobility is electric, connected and autonomous,” Renault said. “People will choose whether they want to drive or be driven, with or without a driver on board.”

Designed to have a top speed of 30 mph and be pooled and available on-demand like a taxi service, once summoned, the self-driving electric vehicle (EV) would show up at the requested location by first lifting up its wide front door which consists of nearly the entire roof, then lowering its active suspension and subsequently deploying a lighted boarding ramp so the passanger(s) can walk, or ride wheelchairs, or push a stroller into. The driverless EV would then proceed to transport the passenger(s) to their destination.

It should be noted that the app ordering process lets riders specify whether they’d like to have the car to themselves or whether they don’t mind sharing it with others.

Renault said it is targeting an EZ-GO release by the end of its current Drive The Future 2017-2022 strategic plan.

It goes without saying that the passenger side of the transportation industry is facing major disruption.

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