11 Ways to Invest in Gold

As the price of gold surges to levels not seen in 25 years, investors who might not ordinarily venture into such investments are wondering if the precious metal should be in their portfolio. Truth be told, missing out on gold is already costing investors a pretty penny. So, how does one trade or profit from gold? Well, our friends at Businessinsider have put together an interesting article, which includes a slideshow (list below) discussing the easiest ways how to invest in the precious metal ; and that includes shorting it as well.

  1. Enter As A Newbie With Gold Jewelry
  2. Gold Coins
  3. Cash4Gold
  4. Gold ETFs
  5. Gold Mining Companies
  6. Paper Gold
  7. Gold Futures
  8. Gold Bars
  9. Gold Stored Remotely
  10. Gold Traded In Far-Flung Markets
  11. Gold-Plated Firearms

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