Expect More Surprises from Google Pixel 2! (GOOG)

The best is yet to arrive with Google Pixel 2! Expect your smartphone to become even smarter, more entertaining, and more lovable!


When Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) released its Pixel smartphones, the company was swamped with positive reviews!

People loved the build quality, performance, long battery life, and the phone’s camera.

Another amazing feature that’s been integrated into it was the Google Assistant, which made life even more fun and convenient for Pixel users! It’s like having a genie in your phone to which you issue commands and it answers back in a charming voice.

What are some of the “magical things” this artificial inteligence (AI) can do?

  • You can ask your Google Assistant to make a phone call for you whether it’s a person or a place. You can even tell it what type of call you want it to do for you whether it’s video, speaker phone, Viber, etc.
  • You can dictate messages to your phone and tell it to send them as texts or
  • Command your phone to set timers, alarms and reminders. It’s very efficient in reminding you about everything that’s important to you.
  • You can order it to play your music and adjust the volume up or down.
  • Command it to manage your camera whenever you want to take a picture of something or your own self.
  • Play games with you. You can even let it join you and your friends while having fun.
  • Feeling low or bored? It can serenade you, recite a poem for you, entertain you.

Everyone just could not help falling in love with this AI!

And, up to now, since its release last year, Google Pixels continue to rank no. 1 among the world’s smartphones!

It’s no wonder many people are currently holding their breath as they await the release of Google Pixel 2. Albeit, there’s a rumor that the larger model named Muskie had been canceled. Disappointment got dispelled by another news that Muskie has been replaced by Taimen, an even larger model!

Yes, it’s widely-talked about that Taimen will have a 5.99-inch display with a 1440p (2K) resolution and stereo speakers!

Although, according to gadget leakers Evan Blass (VentureBeat) and Steve Hemmerstoffer (@onleaks on Twitter), Google will also be ditching the headphone jack not just on Taimen, but on the smaller version codenamed Walleye as well.

What other surprises we may expect from Google?

LG would be manufacturing the larger model Taimen, while HTC — the original manufacturer of the Google Pixels — would take care of Walleye production.

Sounds awesome!

Google’s coming up with different designs for the two new models.

Yet both models will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 4 GB of RAM, according to XDA. Both of which will guarantee adequate power for the new premium smartphones.

You can also expect excellent cameras like the original Pixels. In fact, Google Pixel 2 may even have more exciting features to offer!

You can almost hear everyone clapping.

But, what does everyone further wishes for?

Water resistance.

Everyone hopes that this time the search giant would come up with water-resistant smartphones.

After all, based on surveys and insurance reports, liquid is the culprit in 40% of smartphone damage. People tend to forget about their phones when they take a swim or go to the toilet.

In fact, the most frequent place where people drop their smartphone is in the latter. But despite these somewhat embarrasing facts, the bottom line is smartphones must be water-friendly and to the point where we can look forward going to the beach, pool parties and water parks without fearing for our handsets.

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  1. Headphone jack on the Pixel XL 2 and it is my next phone. But hope Google can make enough of them and hopefully they are already making them and will have enough at launch.

    Google could not come close to keeping up with Pixel demand last year. Maybe it will take a few years for Google to be able to meet demand. Will get on a waitlist the second the first opens.

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