7 Tech Gadgets Under $100 You’ll Want To Have

Spare yourself the trouble of wasting your money on gadgets you don’t need.

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Tech gadgets are all the rage these days. And no matter how much time you take contemplating and going over the numerous choices to come up with what you think is the best one for you, in just a few months, your perfect choice will turn out to be not-so-perfect because new and better choices have come out.

Still, you can’t allow yourself to be a slave to technology and this cycle. Because there are more important things you have to spend on too. Before you give in to that impulse to splurge on another new gadget, why not go through this list we’ve compiled so you can conserve your hard-earned cash and buy only those you’d want to keep for awhile because they’re practical and necessary to have.

Echo Dot (Check Price)

If you want your home to be smarter but you’re just not ready to buy the standard Amazon Echo yet, then the Echo Dot is the perfect starting ground. Amazon knows its internal speaker isn’t sufficient, which is why you’re given the option to simply connect it to any speaker or headphone via Bluetooth for that instant sound boost. Just call out ‘Alexa’, and you’ll be able to ask her to play your favorite tunes, order pizza, request an Uber ride, control your smart home devices, and do many other stuff as more new skills are enabled.

Amazon Fire TV (Check Price)

Streaming media is so in these days and you just got to have an Amazon Fire TV if you’re into that. Aside from allowing you to enjoy Prime streaming, you’ll also have access to over 10,000 apps and games. You’ll even be able to do handsfree Internet browsing on your TV. It also comes with an Alexa Voice Remote, which means you can just tell Alexa to launch content for you.

External Hard Drive (Check Price)

There are files that you won’t lose sleep over if they become lost or deleted. But what about photos and other important documents? Backing up to the cloud is okay. But backing up your back up is even better. A 2TB external hard drive is an ideal choice to make sure you never lose any of your data again.

High-Quality Headphones (Check Price)

Sometimes, you just want to lose yourself in your own world and only be able to listen to the sound you want to hear. That means you need great quality headphones, of course, because it just makes sense to put on a set of headphones that you know will make your favorite music sound always great.

Multimedia Speakers (Check Price)

If you want sounds blaring from your computer, your smartphone, tablet or even your TV, you’ll want to have this multimedia speakers from Bose that provide a solid sound quality for an improved audio experience. The music you listen to will sound better. All the shows you watch on TV will also sound better. And there’ll be added excitement when you play games on your computer.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Check Price)

If you want your home to be clean but you hardly have time to do the cleaning yourself, a robotic vacuum cleaner can be a big help. Just turn it on and let it do its thing! Then charge it back up so it will be ready to do its job again the following day.

Solar Charger (Check Price)

Love spending time outdoors, but can’t live without your gadgets? Then it is recommended you get a solar charger that’s not only practical but also effective as it will provide clean power for your gadgets. And who says you gotta be outdoors to use it. You can simply leave it out to collect sunlight when you go to work, then use it to recharge your gadgets when you get home.

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