This New Smartphone Battery is Downright Superior

Is it superior smartphone battery power you’re looking for? If you were in China, your search would have been over.

Smartphone Battery

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung Galaxy S7. OnePlus 3. iPhone SE. Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. What do these five smartphones have in common? Based on research done by expertreviews, these are currently the top 5 smartphones with the best battery life, ranging from 16 hours and 27 minutes to 18 hours and 42 minutes. Currently, it’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which holds the top spot. But that’s where it ends.

With the unveiling of the Gionee M2017 smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has just been edged out (pun intended) from the number one spot. Having two 3,500mAh batteries to power it, the M2017 is estimated to deliver around 32 hours of talk time or 26 hours of video playback time. Plus, it supports the 24W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Which means that it doesn’t just have superior battery life; it charges super fast too.

Aside from its humongous battery and quick charging capability, the M2017 packs several other impressive specs. It’s made of metal and leather, has a 5.7-inch dual curved QHD AMOLED display with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, measures 155.2 mm x 77.6 mm x 10.78 mm and weighs 238 grams. It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, has 6GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB storage options.

Camera-wise, the M2017 features two rear cameras (13MP and 12MP) with 2x optical zoom, and an 8MP front camera. In terms of connectivity, the device supports USB 2.0 Type-C, USB OTG, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and dual sim capability. And on its home button, it has its own version of a fingerprint sensor.

The downsides? First, it doesn’t come with an expandable memory as it does not have a microSD card slot. So if you’re one of those who just have to have Gigabytes of memory on your phone, you have to make sure you get the 256 GB variant.

Second, it’s powered by a Snapdragon 653 octa-core processor. Which isn’t bad in itself because the Snapdragon 653 isn’t so bad. It’s just that it’s considered a mid-range processor. And considering that the M2017 is supposed to be Gionee’s premium phone model, it would have been more sensible to use a faster and more powerful processor to match its look and phenomenal battery power.

Third, it has no headphone jack. Although that might not be a big deal for some because there are several headset solutions out there, there are also others who might not be willing to accept this change yet.

And lastly, the M2017 will only be available in China — at approximately $1,007 for the 128GB variant and $2,446 for the 256GB version — when it officially goes on sale in January. We’re hoping that will eventually change.

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  1. I do believe Samsung should keep the headphone jack, and use a 3.2 ghz quad-core processor. At least 4200 MaH battery, 6 GB ram, 4k video, and beefed up audio ( put in a Harmon sound chip ). If they keep the micro SD card slot and allow the battery to be exchangeable, then all they would need is advanced cameras front and rear, and maybe add a sunfire red color ( my personal besides gold ), and I believe they would corner the market. If they remove the headphone jack, I believe sales would be a lot slimmer.

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