This Microsoft (MSFT) Game Has Amassed Enough Users to Create a Big Nation

The 26 year old card game just hit another milestone.


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced that the Solitaire Collection, which is the revamped version of the Redmond tech company’s oldest computer game, just generated over 100 million unique users. In a press release, Microsoft gave a look back at the game’s long history:

“For many, Solitaire paved the way for gaming on Windows PCs, and most players have fond memories of winning a game and seeing cascading cards bouncing across the computer screen. Today, Microsoft Solitaire Collection continues the legacy with five of the best Solitaire games – Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and Tripeaks – all in one app with new Daily Challenges, Star Club and Xbox Live Achievements. And now with 100 million unique players, Microsoft Solitaire Collection has amassed enough people to create a small nation due to its broad accessibility and fun features that make players want to return day after day.”

To celebrate this milestone, the company shared more facts about the beloved card game:

  • In its 26-year run, Solitaire still remains one of the most played games of all time on any Windows OS and with today’s Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 10 and Windows 8 that legacy continues.
  • On average, more than 54 million Microsoft Solitaire Collection games are played per day.
  • You can earn some serious Xbox Live gamer cred by playing. Since Microsoft Solitaire Collection added support for Xbox Live when it released on Windows 10 and 8, the game has awarded more than 1.3 billion Gamerscore to players to date.

The all-new Solitaire Collection was designed for Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers. Initially, the game was conceptualized to teach people how to drag and drop files using the computer mouse in the 90s. Over the years, Microsoft released more card games, but the original Solitaire remains as the most popular for casual users. The game was so popular that Microsoft held a Solitaire tournament on the game’s 25th year in 2015.

According to the software giant, over 55 million users are playing the revamped Solitaire Collection games each day. This figure translates to about “20 billion games per year, 2.29 million each hour and 38,194 each minute,” according to a report by NeoWin. Not bad for an old-school computer game.

The refreshed card game comes with Xbox Live support and has been awarded more than 1.5 billion Gamerscore. In the press release, Microsoft announced that the game would be available for iOS and Android users this fall.

“Plus, with Xbox Live integration and cross-platform play, you can continue playing the game, including earning those sweet Daily Challenge coins and Xbox Live Achievements, while on the go,” Microsoft noted in a statement.

The Windows maker ended the announcement with a teaser of what the game has in store for fans. Watch the video below:

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