Microsoft (MSFT) Gets Its Groove Back, Surpassing Apple (AAPL)?

Is Microsoft (MSFT) Out-Innovating Apple (AAPL)? Research firm makes a bold statement on Apple’s frenemy.


For decades, frenemy Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have been competing against each other in a variety of industries, particularly in the software and hardware segment. Having been surpassed by Apple since the release of the iPhone, it seemed as if the once-formidable tech company that Bill Gates co-founded, was permanently relegated to playing second fiddle due to the lack of innovation. But no more.

Microsoft rose from the ashes, poised to go head to head with Apple, at least according to tech company, Good & Co. The firm presented a study showing that, Microsoft employees are “significantly more innovative than many assume, and on par with tech giants such as Apple and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)”

Good & Co. developed a “self-discovery platform and network for a new generation of professionals looking for more meaning in their careers.” The study was based on Good & Co.’s algorithm that directs people to the right job. It measures the creativity and innovation of a person based on personality traits, including adventurousness and curiosity.

Good & Co. says the results were based on assessed data from its 4,364 app users to “explore ways in which psychometric data can inform our understanding of workplace behavior company culture, and success in the tech industry.”

The company also said that Microsoft is ahead in a number of surprising areas: “The creators of Microsoft Office had an almost identical score to Apple in regards to employee adventurousness.” Good & Co concluded that the Redmond tech firm “proved to put a focus on hiring adventurous candidates.”

“Employees at Apple and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) perceive their company cultures as they actually are, meaning they have an accurate idea of the culture fit in their respective jobs,” the research notes.

But take Good & Co.’s data with a grain of salt. According to lead author Dr. Kerry Schofield, although Microsoft is faring well, in terms of developing innovative products and that it has established a more innovative culture, its employees are “no less adventurous than Apple employees.” She added, “Overall, on our zero-100 scale Microsoft scores less than 1 point lower than Apple on adventurousness.”

Although Apple is one point behind Microsoft in innovation, Good & Co. said its employees are trumping the latter “on a number of traits vital for success.” These traits include “intellectual curiosity” and “attention to detail.”

Schofield added, “Apple managers and other employees score higher on [intellectual] curiosity than Microsoft’s. Further analysis found that this holds true mainly for male employees only. For women, there is only a marginal difference.”

But how will the results hold up once Apple launches its flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7, sometime in September? No one really knows. Insiders believe that if the next iPhone turns out to be a great disappointment, then there’s a possibility that Microsoft will finally take the title as the most innovative of all tech companies, something that hardcore iPhone fan boys might find hard to swallow.

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