Apple Takes A Stand Against Trump

Donald Trump - Maryland

Apple (AAPL) has ruled out supporting or funding this year’s Republican National Convention, Politico reports, citing sources familiar with the matter, who say the tech giant is against Donald Trump’s controversial stances about women, immigrants and minorities.

The publication also cites the same sources saying that Cupertino will not provide money or hardware to the GOP confab in Cleveland, despite having donated to both parties in the past. During the 2008 election Apple provided $140,000 worth of MacBooks and other hardware to both parties. It didn’t write checks to either party four years later, but it provided support to both conventions in 2012.

While major tech companies like Facebook (FB), Google (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT) are all planning to support the convention in some form or fashion, the fact that Apple is taking e political stance against Trump, represents a shift in Cupertino’s approach to politics, and shows how seriously the company takes Trump’s sexist, racist, and xenophobic statements.

The presumptive Republican nominee has been embroiled in skirmishes with the iPhone maker over its refusal to help the FBI decrypt an iPhone in connection with December’s San Bernardino shootings. Apple’s refusal to help the government unlock the attacker’s iPhone angered Trump who called for direct action against the company’s products.

“Boycott Apple until such time as they give that information,” Trump told a crowded room of supporters during a town hall-style event just one day before the South Carolina GOP primary. “How do you like that?” he continued. “I just thought of that.”

Trump had previously been critical of Apple’s stance, telling supporters “who do they think they are?

According to Politico, Apple told Republicans about its decision in private.

Well done Tim – love conquers hate.

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