Icahn: Apple (AAPL) is a Great Company But…

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Carl Icahn’s 32-month long position into AAPL stock netted him about $2 billion. But even after unloading his entire stake in Apple, Inc (AAPL), Icahn still thinks very highly of the iPhone maker.

“We made several billion dollars on [Apple],” Icahn told CNBC on Thursday, adding he thinks CEO Tim Cook is “doing a good job.”

He stressed however, he remains concerned about Cupertino’s prospects in China.

“I would get back in [to Apple] if I felt more secure about China,” Icahn said, reiterating that no one can tell that “China is not going to have a problem, even though it might be a very small one.”

China took a lion’s share of Apple’s loss in the previous quarter with 26% decline in sales. Icahn said he’s worried about Mainland’s high debt levels and how those might adversely impact its economy.

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