US Temperatures Cooling at Striking Rate

The US has cooled in the past 11 years at a rate of minus 7.3F/century, or -4C/century. Global Warming since the end of the Little Ice Age has increased temperatures at an 0.8C/century rate. We are cooling at 5x the rate of prior warming.

11 years may seem too short to derive a trend, but note that the GW hysteria came from trendlines over less than 20 years: 1979 – 1998.

The anecdotes that made GW so compelling – glaciers, polar bears, hurricanes, etc.- have begun to go the other way. Chicago expects its earliest snowfall ever on record this weekend. Ski areas are gearing up for a very early start to ski season. The Antarctic is suffering its slowest summer melt in 30 years, and the Arctic is coming back stronger than expected. Spokane is suffering an unusually early polar blast. Last year was its third snowiest winter; this year may be the record setter. Accuweather reports an unusually early polar front sweeping into the upper midwest, with snow and freezing temperatures that are “almost unheard of so early in the season.”

Satellite date since 1979 pegs the overall rise at only 0.42C in 30 years. The chart shows we actually dipped below the 1979 level last year. The recent pop up since then is due to an El Nino, which is now weakening. Consequently satellite data may go back to even next year – no warming trend over the past 30 years. In any event, there is a clear downtrend since 1998. This is also confirmed by the ARGO sea buoy data, which have shown oceans cooling since 2003.

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