Apple (AAPL) iPhone Gains Global Market Share

A new report from Strategy Analytics today noted that Apple (AAPL)’s market share of global mobile phone shipments jumped from 8.2% in Q2’14 to 10.9% in the same quarter this year. Apple said in the June quarter that its iPhone unit sales spiked 35% year-over-year to 47.5 million. That’s almost 3x the rate of growth of the smartphone market overall.

Apple’s gains have been largely attributed to strong demand from consumers in China and other countries upgrading to bigger-screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models. But Apple wasn’t the only winner in the quarter. The report notes that Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei also saw its shipments grow almost 49% to 30.6 million units, or to 7%, up from 4.8% the prior year. Huawei became for the first time the third-largest mobile phone vendor in the world overtaking Microsoft (MSFT), which saw its market share deteriorate to 6.4% in Q2’15 from $11.8% in the same period last year. Samsung maintained the number one slot, but saw its Q2’15 unit sales fell year-over-year to 89 million from 95.3 million on disappointing Galaxy S6 sales. That resulted in its market share dropping from 22.3% to 20.5%.

Strategy Analytics said that as a whole the mobile phone industry grew “a lackluster 2 percent annually from 428.0 million units in Q2 2014 to 434.6 million in Q2 2015.”

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1 Comment on Apple (AAPL) iPhone Gains Global Market Share

  1. Apple’s going to put even a bigger hurting on Samsung in the 2nd half of 2015.

    Another 10 Apple Stores are going to open this year. Good luck Samsung making a comeback. Five stores have opened since June 30th- Samsung’s last tally of earnings.

    By this time next year, Samsung might be down to zero profits.

    Tim Cook’s going to have the last laugh @ Samsung and Wall Street.

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