Apple (AAPL) Music Signs Up Over 10M Subscribers : Report

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A new report out of music site ‘Hits Daily Double‘ claims that Apple (AAPL) has signed up more than 10 million people to give the subscription-based ‘Apple Music’ a try during its three-month free trial period.

The site says both Apple and the labels were surprised by the speed of adoption, noting that a massive numbers of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iTunes users downloaded the new service since its launch in the final days of June. The publication also said that some streaming figures for some tracks, including a couple cutting-edge hip-hop titles, are actually competitive with Spotify, which claims 20 million paid subscribers out of 75 million listeners across 58 countries. The data reportedly comes directly from Apple, which is sharing streaming statistics internally with content owners.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told investors during his company’s most recent earnings call that “millions and millions” had already signed up for Apple’s three-month free music trial, a platform that allow users to stream songs from the millions of tracks on iTunes, a kind of social media space called Apple Music Connect where artists share media with fans, and a live radio station that plays continuously in 100 countries called ‘Beats One’.

Hits says that some music labels want Cupertino to make the numbers public, believing that they will encourage others to join the trial. Apple has so far not revealed specific numbers, but while Apple Music’s real test will be how many trial subscribers convert to paid ones, to draw these kind of numbers for a product that’s barely been marketed is quite impressive.

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