GE is in Talks with Comcast to Spin Off NBC Unit

CNBC’s David Faber confirms General Electric (NYSE:GE) is in talks to sell off its NBC Universal stake to the U.S. cable service company Comcast Coroporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA), according to sources close to the negotiations. Faber points out however, the prospective deal is far from a certainty, and not imminent.

Under the scenario being contemplated, Comcast would merge content assets that it values at as much as $6 billion along with cash so that it would take a 51% ownership stake.

“GE would control 49% and — as part of the spin off of NBC Universal — would be able to contribute as much as $12 billion in debt to the spun off entity.

Under the plan being considered between GE and Comcast, GE would buy Vivendi’s 20% stake in NBC Universal and put the borrowings that fund that purchase on NBC Universal’s balance sheet.

Assuming the company was valued at $35 billion, and subtracting $12 billion in debt, Comcast would need to contribute equity valued roughly at $13 billion to garner a 51% stake.”

The discussions are part of a range of options currently under consideration by GE, which owns 80% of NBC Universal.

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