Facebook (FB) Secretly Working On LinkedIn (LNKD), Google (GOOG) Rival: Report

Facebook (FB) is secretly working on a new office version of its social networking site called “Facebook at Work”, the Financial Times [via Reuters] reported on Monday citing sources familiar with the matter.

The new website, which would allow users to keep their personal profile separate from their work profile, will compete with professional social network LinkedIn Corp (LNKD), Google Inc (GOOG), (GOOGL), and Microsoft Corp (MSFT), the publication said.

Facebook employees already use the site in their daily work and it works well among them. The social networking site is now testing it with companies, the daily said.

The concept of ‘Facebook at Work’ was first reported by TechCrunch earlier this year.

It is yet unknown when ‘FB at Work’ will launch, but it will reportedly be free, at least initially.

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