Apple (AAPL) Reportedly Weighing $400 Price Tag for ‘iWatch’

According to a new report from Re/Code, Apple (AAPL) is allegedly considering a $400 price point for its hotly anticipated wearable device dubbed by technology observers as “iWatch”, which is believed to be making its debut alongside a new large-screen iPhone 6 at Apple’s upcoming media event scheduled for September 9.

At first blush, $400 seems…well, it actually is a little steep given Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch costs $300, while most Android-powered watches cost around $200. That said, pricing is anybody’s guess right now as sources close to Apple told Re/code “consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions.” The report also said that it is not yet clear if the price will be settled in time for Apple’s Sept. 9 press event.

While a $400 price tag would make iWatch the most premium wearable device on the consumer market right now, it could also be that Apple itself is intentionally floating a high price point around to gauge expectations. Then again, industry observers have had a hard time to agree on a possible price range on the “iWatch” because rumors have not yet painted a clear picture about Apple’s newest product in terms of exactly how the device will look like or what functionality it will accomplish. In fact, Re/Code’s Lauren Goode wrote several days ago that “The Apple ‘iWatch’ has been built up to mythical proportions. We don’t know if it exists in the form factors some have envisioned.”

“We’re not even certain it will be called ‘iWatch,” she said.

So, it’s worth noting that despite Re/Code’s reliability and integrity of its reporting, the fact is pre-release rumors remain just rumors. Many of us remember how before the original iPad launch folks were pretty sure that the tablet could cost $1,000. Yet, Cupertino ended up selling the base model for $499.

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