Apple (AAPL) Could Have the Best Product Pipeline It’s Had In 25 Years

Apple Tim Cook

Apple’s new wide-ranging partnership with IBM, which will see the Big Blue develop more than 100 industry-specific native apps exclusively for Apple devices, is driving expectations that Cupertino’s upcoming product lineup could be the best it’s had in more than two decades, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster said.

“[Apple CEO’s] comments yesterday really are amping up those expectations about [what] Apple should deliver in the back half of the year,” Munster said in an interview with CNBC

Tim Cook told CNBC Wednesday that the Apple (AAPL) -IBM (IBM) partnership is about “transforming enterprise” and aims to “deliver on the promise of mobile in a big way.”

Without giving away any details about Apple’s product pipeline, Cook agreed with senior VP Eddy Cue’s assessment that it’s the best pipeline the company’s had in 25 years.

With fiscal 2014 half already over, however, Apple will need to introduce rather fast a number of hit products in the next six months to meet Cook’s expectations.

Apple is notorious for its secrecy, but based on Munster’s insight (watch video), these are some of the products we may see from the tech giant in the next six months.

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  1. One participant at the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit 2014 thought Apple had filed patents for smart versions of shoes that recharge with each step. I prefer that Apple makes a 3D printer, but I’m not running the show in Cupertino.

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