Samsung’s New Gen of Galaxy Tabs Taking Aim at Apple (AAPL)’s iPad

Samsung’s new Galaxy tablets aren’t like the others. The new “10.4-inch Galaxy Tab S” and the “8.4-inch Galaxy Tab S” from the South Korean electronics giant, which are obviously meant to compete Apple (AAPL)’s iPad Air and iPad Mini and are also priced the same as Cupertino’s 16GB Wi-Fi models of each version, will feature “active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes” screens that are richer in color than standard LCDs.

Besides producing richer colors, the screen technology, known as AMOLED, allows Samsung’s next generation of Galaxy tablets, unveiled Thursday evening at New York’s Madison Square Garden, to be thinner and use less power than LCDs.

CNET notes the new Galaxy tablets “biggest…selling point…is the Tab S’s display. It’s the first Super AMOLED display to appear on a Samsung tablet and it’s the first thing that stands out when you pick up the devices.” CNET also says that despite offering larger screen sizes the new Galaxy tablets are both thinner and lighter than comparable iPads.

WSJ’s Joanna Stern has more on the device.

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