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El Erian

In his first interview since leaving PIMCO, Dr. Mohammed Aly El-Erian told Bloomberg’s Betty Liu that he is very surprised by the media attention he received around his departure and the reason he left was “to interact with others,” to “step back”, “to do something different,” spend more time with his daughter and travel less.

The Bloomberg View columnist said of his former partner Bill Gross, “I have had the privilege of watching him in action and he is a great investor. He is part of a talent pool, and enormous bench at PIMCO.” But El-Erian would not comment on the state of current relationship with Gross by saying “I will not comment on my private interactions.”

Dr. El-Erian also said:

– He would rather observe than emulate Neel Kashkari
– He reaffirmed new normal; specular stagnation thesis
– Debt overhand is discouraging new investment
– Yellen recognizes consequence of monetary policy more
– U.S. economy is healing
– Fed won’t raise rates ‘for a while’
– Chinese economy won’t grow at 9-percent again
– He ‘may well’ invest in Scott Saunders’ start-up
– He discovered Twitter’s incredible ecosystem
– Planned book is about Central Banks role
– He is staying miles away from politics

Videos for viewing here and here.

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