Amazon’s Newly Announced 3-D Phone a ‘Gimmick’: Pro

The images of an early prototype of Amazon (AMZN)’s upcoming three-dimensional smartphone have been leaked to BGR’s Jonathan Geller, who says he isn’t a fan of the newly announced gadget.

Speaking on CNBC’s “Fast Money” on Wednesday, Geller called the phone a “gimmick”.

“This is a gimmick”, Geller said. “It’s probably going to be $300 or $400 at least. It’s not going to compete with Samsung, and it’s not going to compete with Apple (AAPL). I just don’t really get the point.”

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Amazon’s entrance into the smartphone market will be announced in the second half of this year. The phone will apparently employ a screen that could display images that appear three-dimensional, similar to a hologram, without the need to wear special glasses.

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