Startup Claims 30 Seconds From Flat to Full Battery Charging Breakthrough

Don’t you hate it when you smartphone runs out of power, and there’s no time to recharge? Well, waiting hours for a cellphone to charge may become a thing of the past. According to reports, an Israeli startup called StoreDot claims to have developed a technique that can charge your phone from flat to full in just 30 seconds.

During a demonstration at Microsoft (MSFT)’s “Think Next” conference in Tel Aviv this week, StoreDot revealed a prototype of its bio-organic fast-charging battery device — which is the size of a cigarette pack — charging a Samsung Galaxy S4 handset from flat to full power in 26 seconds.

“We think we can integrate a battery into a smartphone within a year and have a commercially ready device in three years,” Dorn Myersdorf, the founder and chief executive of StoreDot told the BBC new agency.

The Israel-based nanotech company said on its website that it has developed “next-generation batteries that can be fully charged in minutes rather than hours”.

The technology behind StoreDot’s ultra fast charging technology is called “Nanodots” that uses “very tiny self-assembling nano-crystals”. As of now Storedot has already received $6.25 million for its further development.

But the quick-charging batteries, which the company says will withstand thousands of charge/discharge cycles, prolonging battery life expectancy considerably, won’t be cheap. According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, StoreDot will sell its chargers for twice the cost of average chargers, most probably around $30 per unit, with commercial production planned for late 2016.

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