Amazon’s (AMZN) ‘Dash Communicator’ Makes Grocery Shopping Dangerously Easy Truck (AMZN) launched a new product named ‘Amazon Dash‘ on Friday that makes buying groceries from its AmazonFresh same-day delivery service even easier.

The online retailer’s newest hardware, which is a hand-held remote-control that features a microphone, speaker and links directly via a WiFi-capable barcode LED scanner to computers or smartphones, allows users to build a shopping list by scanning bar codes, and of course, order the items. Dash also comes equipped with a built-in recording device so you can say product names out loud into the microphone for future reference. The Dash is simple enough for children to use, Amazon said.

However, the new gadget is available only for Amazon Prime Fresh customers, which consumers can use to order more than 500,000 grocery and other items for quick delivery, and is at the moment only available in Southern Cal., San Francisco and Amazon’s hometown, Seattle. The device is free during the trial period, according to the e-commerce giant’s website.

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