JPMorgan (JPM) U.S. Chief Equity Strategist to Step Down: Report

According to Bloomberg, which cites a company-wide memo sent to employees, JPMorgan (JPM)’s Chief Equity Strategist Thomas Lee announced that he is leaving the firm.

Lee, a Wall Street strategists who worked for JPMorgan for 15 years, is stepping down tomorrow, Brian Marchiony, a spokesman for the New York-based firm, told Bloomberg in a telephone interview.

“He’s just one of the best strategists in the game,” Philip Orlando, who helps oversee nearly $400 billion as chief equity-market strategist at Federated Investors Inc., said in a Bberg phone interview. “I’m surprised and disappointed that a young guy at the top of his game would be resigning.”

JPM’S shares were down fractionally at $57.10 in pre-market hours on Friday.

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